Daewoo Mangalia Heavy Industries (DMHI)

A large-scale industrial project for Korean DMHI, a shipyard located in Mangalia. A key achievement for Tracon in terms of scale as well as required technical expertise.

Key Facts

Tracon services

  • Earthworks and special foundation works
  • Infrastructure and superstructure of metal warehouses used for assembly, sanding and painting
  • Sliding tracks and platforms for cranes up to 1,200tf
  • Reinforced concrete transport and storage platforms
  • Parking areas and access roads
  • Vertical systematisation of building site


  • Accommodation of heavy duty cranes
  • Responsive design of access roads

Size Over 250,000m2 of warehouses, platforms, roads and sliding tracks for cranes (including utilities)

Dates 2006–9


  • Over 150,000 m3 of excavated soil were reused to fertilise surrounding areas in the municipality of Mangalia
  • The stone excavated during foundation works was reused as part of the remaining project works